Fog Lamps / front

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Fog Lamps / front

Post  coke39294 on Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:25 pm

Hi again, I have come to check lamps etc. for an upcoming MOT and have found the front fog lamps are not working. When I looked in the fuse box, the fuse is missing out of number 8 slot, but there seems to be a double entrance for the fuse. Would there be a good reason for this fuse to have been pulled by a previous owner? Is it necessary to have the front fog lamps working, the rear is fine. Thanks.scratch 


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Front fogs

Post  Croddlebopper on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:51 pm

Your problem is more likely that a garage has had the front bumper assay off and forgot to reconnect the fog lamp wiring connector.

Check under front of car for the loose cable end. This was my problem after I had the alternator belt changed but ery soon after the belt threw off again due to the alternator sprag clutch failing - note to all PT crd owners - this is another very common problem and design weakness!

So when I had the alternator exchanged and the front dismantled once more, the fog lights were reconnected.


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missing fog lamp fuse.....I wish that was all

Post  FastFerret on Thu May 29, 2014 12:09 am

just recently bought my wife a 2.2crd limited and also noticed that the front fogs were not working.
I checked for the fuse and found it was missing, so I tried to pop in another but it would not seat.
I removed the fuse box and found a total lack of wiring to the fuse.

After reading the web forums I was advised that the fog lamps are prone to melting out the wiring when the switch assy. starts to wear out and at £150 per shot I thought I'd just leave it alone and sometime I'd get around to rewiring it completely myself in the same way that a normal additional fog lamp kit would be fitted.

I am getting worried that I have really bought a lemon but the missus already loves it so i'm starting a list of things to be done and the fogs are half way up the list.


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Re: Fog Lamps / front

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