cruser engine cuts out then starts later

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cruser engine cuts out then starts later

Post  flashbangwallop on Wed Feb 06, 2013 7:12 pm

Hello all. I've just bought a 2004 Cruiser Limited Edition "Astec Gold". Drove the 50 miles home in it (all went well), but just before arriving the engine management light came on. It's for my wife who really likes it but twice now during the past couple of days the engine has cut out, once when starting in the drive. Turned the ignition key.... nothing though it started normally moments later and again this evening on her way back home from work. Only a few hundred yards down the road while stopped at a busy roundabout it conked out again, everything went dead though lights and fourway flashers still worked. Moments later she was able to start it up again and get underway. Would this be linked to the engine management light comming on. Any pointers sure would be appreciated.


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