OBD Code P0113 Intake Air Temp High 2.2 CRD

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OBD Code P0113 Intake Air Temp High 2.2 CRD

Post  FlyingSaucer on Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:41 am

My engine management light (MIL) came on and my Cruiser lost power ,economy and started 'hunting' when idling. I bought a cheap OBD2 scanner and it came up with P0113 Intake Air Temp High. I cleared the code, but every time the car got to operating temperature it came back on. The scanner said the IAT was -48 F when faulty (bottom scale). The Earth, 5 and 12 volts to the MAF/ IAT sensor all checked OK. I also fitted a new air filter in case it was clogged ,but the fault remained ,so I bought a replacement MAF sensor (£50 Ebay) , but the fault reoccured. The IAT measures 4.7K ohm to earth straight out of the freezer, and falls to 2.5k ohm at room temperature, so I replaced the IAT thermister with a 2.7k ohm resistor and the car runs fine with no MIL light, although economy may suffer. I suspect that as the IAT sensor resistance drops it draws more current from the PCM/ ECU and the PCM gets hot and bothered and fails. If the PCM is faulty I would imagine the car would be a virtual write off. Is there anything else I could check ?


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Re: OBD Code P0113 Intake Air Temp High 2.2 CRD

Post  skyrocket on Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:11 am

Checked the turbo pipe? I had the same on mine...turbo hose was split (didnt cause the code but didnt help)....bought a reader...kept getting p0113...cleaned the maf...no joy..swapped it for a known good one...no joy...changed the air intake temp sensor.. £20 ish from pt company...job done

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Pictured from below the front of the engine looking up...grime was from split turbo pipe


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