PT Cruiser Codes 0032 and 0038 - Require Help

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PT Cruiser Codes 0032 and 0038 - Require Help

Post  miiky on Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:40 pm

Hi there I have recently bought a PT 2.0 LTD 2004 cruiser. I am getting the codes 0032 and 0038 come up randomly. It will stall also when engine light comes on or shorlty after. Can take a while to happen but sometimes within a few minutes. I have a related fault were once the fault codes appear and before stalling. The mileometer ticks up stationary. Ive done about 150+ miles sat on the drive. Ive noted also a pop pop pop sound from what I think is the carb just before meltdown. Cant see why mileometer is affected. Recently I have found the on the black plug there is a PCI wire. If cut the milometer problem goes away. Sadly car wont start without this but it does seem to say its something from some device that is on the PCI bus.




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Re: PT Cruiser Codes 0032 and 0038 - Require Help

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 28, 2015 6:27 pm

Both codes point towards the oxygen sensors, the Cruiser has 2 of them, not sure what the milometer has a mind of it's own though, try removing the battery negative terminal for a few minutes, and see if that get's rid of your problems, otherwise it could be a broken wire to the sensors or the sensor itself has gone bad.


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