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New and vaguely interesting

Post  ManWithoutGorm on Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:19 am

Hello each, from ManWithoutGorm out of Beverley.  Today's newbie.  Although I reside in the People's Republic of Yorkshire, I had to join up with this Midlands group, as it's a runnin' machine, in the words of Mr Thorogood.  And the group's technical database (forum?) has bailed me out significantly in the past, with the excellent P0243 error code thread.  Not to mention the threads surrounding fuel injectors.

I got the Cruiser bug with my inherited 2003 Tourer, when she was an old girl of ten years.  She never quite recovered from suddenly being driven aggressively after ten years of pootling along for her hyper-cautious female owner.  Eventually the cost of one significant repair too many meant uneconomical repair.  Forgive me, old girl.

So here I am with my late 2007 silver Limited CRD 5-door, having spent ages looking at loads of higher performing, more economical cars, but returning to the reliability, personality, space and comfort of the Cruiser.  Some might say "mad decision," but Cruiser owners will know: when you are looking for a car, you don't look at Cruisers; no, they look at you, beseechingly.  Let's hope the younger lass copes well with the daily 122-mile round-trip commute along the M62 without too much trauma.

That's all, apart from wanting to give a nod to, which is a great fallback resource for Cruiser stuff.  The outfit is very welcome to my hard-earned whenever the need arises, as I like the idea of avoiding the gargantuan consumer portals in favour of a tidy outfit like PT Company, which manages to keep its prices fair and realistic.

Happy cruising.


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