need power steering high pressure pipe

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need power steering high pressure pipe

Post  jewels on Wed Dec 10, 2014 7:44 am

Hi i have a pt cruiser 2.4l 05, maroon
I have loved it for three years until we have struggled to.find a power steering high power pipe... Leakage from this... Pump seems ok but need new feed pipe.... Any advice please as need car on road asap


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PS pipe

Post  FastFerret on Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:16 pm

Hi there,

I see this is an old post so I hope your sorted already but if not.....and for future reference:

My experience building turbo bikes and doing my own maintenance on cars has led me to source parts from places other than dealers or factors.

When getting custom pipes made for my last turbo bike project I took the pipes I wanted remade to Pirtek Pirtek UK and to a local hydraulics company. they made excellent pipes for me with the right fittings for a full 1/3 off the price of dealer parts.

Some are cheaper than others but make no mistake these pipes are made to exacting and high specifications and will easily out last or out perform the OEM parts.

If you can get the old pipe off then look in your local yellow pages - or the modern internet equivalent - and call and ask them. Most I called all said 'yes, just drop by with the old one and we'll see if we can make one up for you'.

I needed a high pressure fuel pipe made to my own spec. with special fittings and was amazed when a hydraulic company in Burton on trent made one for me on the spot.

Worth a try.


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